Patrick Thomas

PULP is the title of a new body of work made by Thomas in response to the reality of living in an age of “truth decay.”

Interacting with “randomly sourced daily newsprint – the traditionally respected source of factual information – he layers found, drawn and code-generated graphic forms in an aleatory way utilizing the mechanical process of silkscreen printing”.

“They are powerful graphic statements that document a moment in time whose aim is to ask more questions than provide answers, which, due to the unstable physical properties of the newsprint material, will continue to silently evolve over the years.”


I like Patrick Thomas’ experimentation with layering type onto newspaper spreads. His composition and large bold type gives a sense of disruption, empowerment over press but also complimentary to the gridded nature of the publication. I also like the idea of using found, ready made materials to work with and ‘reinvent’.

I’d like to take this idea further and experiment with local newspapers, I could create stencils where the letter is cut out and newsprint fills the type. I’ll handprint messages which relate to the article and news topic. I’d particularly look out for advertisements where I could create contradictory messages over the top.


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