This week, we created dioramas inspired from a childhood memory as a starting point. It was a fun task; exploring creativity with found objects and recycled materials such as cereal boxes, bin bags, glass jam jars and mini led lights.

It was exciting to realise the artistic potential a few low-cost items can create and opened ideas to develop further with more time and resources. Photoshop helped take these dream-like images to another level. I like the idea of attempting to create as much of the raw data in the frame as possible and using post-production to emphasise elements of the composition.

Edited – I emphasised the blacks using the ‘curve’ tool and altered the tones using the ‘selective colour’ adjusted layer.

Raw image – Using a glass jam jar in front of the camera lens distorted and reflected the light, creating a dreamy, hazy effect.

Edited – I used multiple Photoshop layers to emphasise lighting and tones.
I experimented with the ‘perspective’ tool for a lower camera angle.


1 thought on “Dioramas”

  1. I think these work very well indeed, Claudine – they looked good in the viewfinder and they look good here. You really have captured a sense of a fever-dream or hallucination, and the simple fact of having your rabbit looking away from the camera produces disquiet. The POV is like a child’s, and it really does feel like a remembered tableau from a nightmare. Great stuff and highly evocative.

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