6 thoughts on “Game of Chess Short Film”

  1. So interesting, Claudine – there’s a musicality on show here – the way you use the enunciation of each word to syncopate the way your graphic elements appear on the screen. You’re really listening to the rhythm of the words and using it as the chain, onto which to thread the visual beads. Essentially, your animating, and in a motion-graphics-style. I really liked the way you ‘closed down’ the image plane at the end – but the dolphin made me laugh, because it seemed so outside all your other visual decision-making. It’s like you went literal at the last moment, and I did find this jarring. There was something so minimalist and non-representational about your approach – and then a picture of dolphin!? With the exception of that final moment, I’d observe that this was a very controlled response – like I said, musical, a bit ‘jazz’ – and I think you’re onto something. That said, I do think too there’s a sweet spot here: I was looking for some relationship between the text and the images; for example, ‘seven’ elements appearing when we hear the line about the candles etc, I think there’s a way to absolutely do what you’re doing, but also anchor your response more closely with Eliot’s words.

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    1. Thanks Phil! I was pleased when the seven candle reference matched up with the stop motion/markings.

      I usually want to create things that aren’t as obvious to viewer and make them look a bit harder for clues or hidden meanings. The dolphin image was probably a subconscious decision to confuse the viewer further, not to take it too seriously and have fun with it – but I now I understand it was probably me just doubting myself!

      Thank you for your feedback – I definitely feel like I am getting closer to a right balance between the words and visual composition!

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  2. Hey Claudine – here’s the concert animation I was talking about: so, the images beginning life as digital paintings, before being translated into animations accordingly – and then projected very large and synched live with an orchestra… it was pretty epic, and has seen been performed that way all over Europe too: https://vimeo.com/372573461

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    1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing Phil. My experiments so far have led me into thinking more carefully about the relationship between visuals and the accompanying music/sound to compliment each other…I find these carefully synchronised performances really satisfying; seeing music and visuals come together in such a way at live shows.

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  3. This is sooo lovely Claudine, the rhythms of the images that fit so well with the words, really great… it is a pleasure to watch. And I proper laughed out loud by the surprise of the comedy dolphin at the end, love it!

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