Narrative: Project Update

These recordings are taken from a visual language walk. I want to retake these shots of the sea/water at a closer angle and a different time of day when the sea is calmer. My entire sequence will be on the basis of water with one long take. I grew up by the sea and I felt it was a natural setting for my project fitting to the ‘Jetty’ theme and brief.

The inspiration behind my final Narrative project is taken from Martin Scorsese’s 1991 film, Cape Fear, Saul and Elaine Bass main title sequence. I really enjoy how the water has created abstract patterns and shapes as the backdrop to the sequence. The text and ‘broken’ nature effect fits well with the water and movement.
This is the inspiration to my projection idea. I will project both the waterscape and text onto fabric which will have movement (use of a fan or someone physically moving it). This will hopefully force the text to distort and harmonise with the moving water.
Narrative: TITLE TBCTo do
To produce a short narrative film on the theme of ‘Jetty’, to be premiered at the Margate Film Festival
Record the sea as the backdrop
completion time: this will take a morning or afternoon and combined with my visual language walk

Create type to overlay across the top
Completion time: half a day of create type which will then be projected

Project moving image with overlaid text onto fabric
Completion time: 1 x day to set up and film (will need to be in a dark space)

Source music
Completion time: half a day for research or collaboration with a musician (depending on time)

Edit final footage
Completion time: 1 x day – I may need Phil’s expertise on what direction to go with this!
Project idea
Create a relationship between, sound, graphic shapes, colour and movement to produce a short motion piece.



1 thought on “Narrative: Project Update”

  1. Hey Claudine! So excited to see this update, and I think the overall direction – abstraction / sound design etc – promises to produce a really immersive final film. You should really get into exploiting all the left/right stereo controls etc in Premiere – key-framing the balance between left and right to move the sound around the audience’s headspace – essentially, three-dimensionalising the experience of the sound and thinking in terms of spatial layers. So much can be achieved in this way, and simply too. Lovely to see a bit of Saul Bass in the mix too! 🙂


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