Typography: Project Update

Prototype – this experimentation would form as part of one of my final Typography posters. Titled CONscious, the concept is based on the theme of ‘greenwashing’. The denim material chosen and text CONSCIOUS is a mockery to a major fast fashion brand who has invented a new line titled Conscious to appear as being sustainable. Placed around the text would be a combination of facts and text taken from advertisements which contribute to the greenwashing scandal. I will need to be conscious of the paper I decide to print on for the posters. The theme I have chosen relates to Society & Nature and will hopefully spread awareness/educate around the topic.

Typography: The Green Sheen / NatureTo do
Considering the history and work of design activists such as David King, what burning issue do you wish to bring/campaign to a public or specified audience’s attention? How will you shout typographically? Where will your typographic noise be seen and heard?
Pick two major companies which demonstrates Greenwashing as case studies

~ CONscious (H&M and fast fashion)
~ SEWAGE ROW (Southern Water)

To do
Identify specific language they use in their advertising/marketing – quote facts and demonstrate how they’re greenwashing
completion time – this will take a few hours to collate as I have a the resources already saved

Think about sustainable poster paper – recycled options
completion time – an afternoon or morning to research and ring printers who offer more eco friendly paper stocks
Project idea
• x 2 large (A0) size posters to protest against Greenwashing.

1 thought on “Typography: Project Update”

  1. Reasonable experimentation if a little tentative. It isn’t easy to get the drift of the project without riding the writing. The project needs to move from proposal writing to a piece of communication that works in its own right. I’ve been listening to the Big Green Money show on BBC 5 Live, probably on their Sounds app. One episode dealt with issues around clothing manufacture. The idea of material and textures and a distorted display face is fine but the test will come when you start to apply the information type this can make or ruin the overall design. It won’t be perfect the first time you put the type down and it will need quick iterations to make progress. Best to start committing to the development because it’ll take longer than you think and you want more than just an early prototype as a finished thing.


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