Visual Language: Project Update

Visual Language: The Status Quo / SocietyTo do
• An exhibition catalogue (could be Newspaper Club; Blurb book; postcards in a box; folded brochure; etc)
Pick up to three news headlines

~ GASTRONOMIC BLISS (seaweed, sea)
~ BRITAIN BEFORE BREXIT (red and white eg England flag colours, use geometry and graphic architecture of Arlington Towers
~ SURFACE COLLAPSE (using the Lido tiles as inspiration of layout, composition, colours and type)

To do
Go on another visual language walk to gather data — take photos of the environment/landscape focussing on colour and shape (seaweed, sea)
completion time: a morning or afternoon to gather images
Further experimentation with materials on the scanner
completion time: x 1 day of scanning
Experiment with typographic language and subject matter across the page
completion time: x 3 days of experimenting with scanned objects/materials and text in Photoshop
Project idea
• A1 or A2 posters x 3
• Focussing on local news headlines specific to Margate
• A response to current situations
• Translate articles and using the words as the ‘brief’ for artwork posters
• Experimentation of colour, form and composition using surrounding environment as inspiration

1 thought on “Visual Language: Project Update”

  1. Try and ensure that the project keeps to visual language rather than strays into illustration. Sewing could be good for lines for example. Think of a way to connect the images so that thee is a structure / sequence / narrative. Maybe draw out a flat plan and write a contents list so the project becomes more real. Try and pick up on the momentum or it will feel like a drag and probably stall. This could be something exciting, engaging, interactive. Try and make things more real – first ideas can look seductive and you can put off progress because whilst it is still an unformed idea it has potential. As you start to make something more real things can go wrong and it is best to deal with these through a quick set of iterations.


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