Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart has changed my understanding of graphic design.

“I like to organize chaos. Much of my work is organized chaos.² ” Wolfgang Weingart.

“Weingart shows that the readability of a poster is not necessary for its effectiveness but that it is very often the template or composition grid of the page used that makes it possible to do without it. Weingart became a professor in Basel in 1968 and proposes a radical break with the principles of order, clarity, structure and rhythm given by Emil Ruder . Weingart felt that the tradition of Swiss typography played an important international role from the fifties until the end of the sixties, but had become sterile and anonymous. His vision was to breathe new life into the teaching of typography by re-examining the supposed principles of his practice.

The only way Weingart could break the rules of typography was to know and play with them. He pushes the limits of readability and repetition of patterns, based on his own experiences. He also acquired the skills of photolithography, developing new concepts, masking and film layering, sometimes even using a camera to distort, enlarge or blur elements in his work.³ ”

Words taken from indexgrafik.fr/wolfgang-weingart/