This was my experimental short film in response to the brief and walk around Margate. I wanted to use this exercise to experiment as much as possible and discover the potential of editing capabilities through Premiere Pro. After the class screening and crit I now have a clearer vision on how to develop these experiments into something more refined and create a stronger more consistent identity throughout the entirety of the film.

My next goal is to resolve a more purposeful visual strategy from these experimentations. I’ll capture graphical elements (line/form/pattern/texture etc) from the environment around me which I’ll edit further into monochrome, blocky elements. These visual elements will be further emphasised and complimented by a musical/spoken word composition.

Below, are the original/unedited images used in the short film.


1 thought on “Strollin”

  1. Hey Claudine – just dropping by to follow up on some of the feeback from yesterday’s screening: as part of the final presentations for this unit, I will be asking you and your classmates to screen your various films again, with the hope and expectation that the final films will be pushed further and refined. There was so much exciting decision-making going on in your film – everything from the aspect ratio to the ‘animated’ sequences etc, and also the choice of music and so on. Ultimately, it feels like you threaded together a series of separate experiments, and I’d encourage you now to look again at what you achieved, and from it, resolve a more purposeful visual strategy: for this audience member at least, it seemed your interests really lay in isolating graphical elements (line/form/pattern etc) out of the built environment of the town. As I said, your music, being one instrument, also felt as if you were further reducing the language of your images into ‘blocks’ and into monochromatic elements. I’d strongly encourage you to look at what you were doing in the first part of your film and extend that approach throughout. Also, I’m going to push you too to include some spoken word too; it’s there in the original brief as a ‘must have’, but more importantly than this, I think it would really lift the piece still further – particularly if the spoken word elements are as ‘cut-up’ and repeated as some of the graphical elements on-screen. Have a listen to this piece of music by American composer, Steve Reich – which features repeated samples of dialogue interwoven with the music and consider perhaps how you could work with loops or sampled words that relate to the pattern-making in your film and photographs:


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